Vertiv XTE Stackable Series

Product Type
VRLA (AGM) Blocs


The Vertiv™ XTE Stackable Series enclosures are designed to address the need for battery backup power in the OSP environment. Each stand-alone battery module can be used to expand the capacity of existing OSP battery plants. With the addition of fieldconfigurable fan-cooling and solar shield kits, the battery modules can also be used to build up new fully-featured battery enclosures, designed to protect batteries from the environment and high temperatures. The single-stack and dual-stack modules may be stacked up to five modules high, with a total of twenty front-post VRLA batteries. One set of battery bus bars is included with each single-stack or dual-stack module. Bus bars from adjacent modules may be linked together on site to provide a single battery plant output. This backup energy solution is designed to meet Zone 4 seismic requirements when stacked up to three battery tiers high (twelve VRLA batteries). Optional voltage conversion kits enable the stackable battery enclosure to utilize 24 V battery strings. The conversion kit for the dual-stack module converts only the lower battery tier for 24 V use, leaving the upper tier available for 48 V needs. Vertiv XTE Stackable enclosures are being evaluated to meet UL 60950 NWIN specification (3R), including field-configuration.

  • Extend the life of your batteries with efficient cooling options
  • Keep your batteries safe, secure and protected from adverse environmental conditions
  • High network availability through reliable DC power battery up
  • 24V and 48V DC backup enclosures accept VRLA and/or Ni-Cd batteries
  • Single shelf up to six battery shelves
  • Active and passive cooling and heating
  • Easy access cable entry
  • Provides battery backup to multiple cabinets via split-bus option
  • Designed to Telcordia GR-487 certification, Seismic Zone 4 rated and UL Listed
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