Liebert DCP Water-Based Pumping Unit, 200kW

Product Type
Other Equipment & Accessories
Air Handling/Cooling


The Liebert DCP houses the isolating heat exchanger between the Liebert DCD and building chilled water. It circulates the chilled water to the cooling modules at a temperature always above the actual dew point to prevent condensation.

  • Cools more than 25kW per rack
  • Packaged for easy installation
  • Supports scalability for incremental growth
  • Prevents condensation
  • Operates with energy efficient redundant pumps
  • Isolating pumping unit
  • Serves as an intermediary between the building chilled water circuit and the module/rack circuit
  • Circulates water to Liebert XD cooling modules or enclosures at a temperature always above actual dewpoint
  • Includes enclosure, pumps, heat exchanger, receiver tank, controls, valves and piping as a packaged unit 60 Hz and 50 Hz models
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