Liebert Chilled Water Air Handler

Product Type
Other Equipment & Accessories
Air Handling/Cooling


The Liebert Chilled Water Air Handler provides high efficiency with elevated water loop temperatures and waterside or airside economizers. Liebert Chilled Water Air Handlers can be used with wireless rack sensors and the Liebert iCOM-S™ system control to ensure that all system components are optimized for efficiency and availability. Liebert iCOM control algorithms continuously process readings from the rack inlet sensors to ensure optimal air flow through the system while supply air sensors are used to control the unit cooling capacity. Dampers or exhaust fans are automatically adjusted by the Liebert iCOM unit control, which also harmonizes the operation of multiple air handling units to eliminate conflicts in temperature, airflow and humidity.

  • Higher efficiency and protection
  • Can deliver higher-than-average temperatures (65-70°F) and maintains conditions at a wide range of return air temperatures
  • Easy to commission and service for reduced installation and maintenance costs
  • Maintenance can be performed easily and quickly
  • Multiple economization options
  • Variable speed EC fans
  • Self-optimizing controls for more consistent unit supply air temperature and minimized swings across component ranges
  • Multi-unit teamwork controls modes
  • Simplified access to real-time data and trending
  • Quick diagnostics of potential critical events
  • Full coil cleaning access and single-side piping
  • Multi-section design speeds installation
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