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The NetXtend™ JuiceBox® Series Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) complements the NetXtend JuiceBox Series of integrated enclosures from Vertiv, with indoor and outdoor options. The indoor solution is ideal for shelters and huts in the wireless industry, while the outdoor solution is designed to accompany an existing manual transfer switch or stand alone in any copper, fiber or wireless application. The indoor ATS option is an integral part of NetXtend JuiceBox PDC enclosures. The solution offers AC distribution, surge protection and ATS capabilities, featuring the lowest possible clamp voltage to peak current performance characteristics available in the market today. Instead of dispersing ATS equipment throughout the shelter or cell site, the slim design of the NetXtend JuiceBox PDC Series consolidates load center, TVSS, transfer device and related equipment into a single enclosure. The indoor solution also utilizes Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD) or metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology, providing state-of-the-art protection at the branch service entrance. A combination of SAD/MOV technology is also an option. The outdoor ATS is designed to complement an existing manual transfer switch. This solution can be mounted back-to-back or side-by-side with the NetXtend JuiceBox® PESB Series from , or it can be remotely mounted with any manual transfer switch on site.

  • Integrated design minimizes “footprint,” maximizes system performance and reduces installation time.
  • Easy access design simplifies upgrades or replacement.
  • Main disconnect switch for utility and optional generator sources allows easy serviceability.
  • Integrated ASCO® 300 Series transfer switch.
  • Standard engine exerciser for weekly automatic testing of engine generator set with or without load.
  • Powder coat paint finish provides a tough corrosion resistant finish for longer life.
  • UL Listed.
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