Liebert NXL Online UPS 250-1100kva

Product Type
Three Phase UPS


Provides reliable power protection and advanced technology for high power applications. Offers excellent dynamic performance, with the ability to handle virtually any input condition while still providing computer grade output to critical loads.​

    • Internal cable wiring simplifies installation
    • Redundant components increases reliability
    • Superior handling of present and future computer loads
    • Color touchscreen controls improve user interface and reduce risk of human error
    • Excellent dynamic performance
    • Generator and utility friendly
    • Front access provides easy installation and service
    • Compact cabinets require less floorspace
    • Built-in battery cabinet breaker isolates string for ease of service
    • Accommodates multiple stacked-up conditions without disrupting power to the load
    • Top or bottom cable entry
    • Up to 98% efficient in Intelligent Eco-Mode and 94% in double conversion mode.
    • Single and multi-module systems
    • Color touchscreen controls
    • Up to 0.95 leading power factor without derating
    • High input fault current capability
    • Matching battery cabinets and maintenance bypass cabinets
    • Ship-ahead I/O section can be installed before UPS installation
    • ENERGY STAR qualified
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