SGL SGH GroE Batteries

Product Type
Lead Acid Batteries
Planté Wet Cells


The SGL-SGH battery series the reference range in terms of GroE vented batteries for FIAMM and designed to meet DIN 40738 norm. SGL SGH cells differentiate from traditional flooded batteries through Planté positive pure lead plate which brings a unique laminate design. The robust design is constructed to provide a deep discharge and high rate performances with an unsurpassed design life of 25 years. The pure lead positive alloy plate grants a very low water consumption that means limited maintenance during product life (SINGLE topping up in 3 years in float conditions); the design is optimized to limit the self-discharge during the storage period. The range is fully eco-friendly with all components being fully recyclable.

    • The positive Planté plate is composed of 99.9% pure lead resulting in low capacity loss during life and excellent corrosion resistance
    • A complimentary and robust negative flat plate compriding of an armoured grid provides high reliability
    • Electrolyte: sulphuric acid electrolyte with low specific gravity of 1.22 kg/l at 20°C
    • Low internal resistant due to high porosity separators material
    • Transparent SAN box provides an immediate inspection of electrolyte level
    • The lid is composed of ABS plastic with a handy service hole to permit a quick and easy measurements of the electrolyte density
    • The vent plug is made of porous flameproof material for a superior safety
    • A long shelf life of up to six months is possible without recharge (<2% discharge per month)
    • The metallic threaded insert on terminals ensures the highest conductivity and provides maximum torque retention and easy installation*
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