FIAMM Endurlite OPzS Batteries

Product Type
Lead Acid Batteries
Lead Selenium Wet Cells


The LM battery series is an OPzS vented range designed by FIAMM to meet DIN 40736 specifications. All products have been designed to provide users with a highly robust product family. The range has been developed for applications where discharge cycles need to be of the highest levels of reliability. As result of this the range exceeds the specification standards laid down by the DIN Standard. This performance is the result of a low antimony alloy plate which provides very low water consumption over the life of the product. Under normal float operating conditions batteries require topping-up once every three years. Furthermore the design has been optimized to lower self-discharge during storage. All of these outstanding features add up to a longer life product with lower maintenance costs. Like all FIAMM lead-acid batteries the LM range is eco-friendly and fully recyclable.

  • The positive tubular grid is composed of a special alloy (Pb-Sb) which is die-cast to guarantee high corrosion resistance and low water consumption (1 topping up in 3 years in float conditions)
  • Electrolyte: sulphuric acid electrolyte with specific gravity of 1.24kg/l at 68°F
  • Separators have high porosity and provide very low internal resistance
  • Robust design thanks to high mechanical polymers properties; box made of SAN and with an ABS lid
  • The vent plug is made of porous flameproof material for a superior safety
  • A long shelf life of up to six months is possible without recharge (<2% discharge per month)
  • The metallic threaded insert on terminals ensures the highest conductivity and provides maximum torque retention and easy installation
  • Flexible connections ensure a safe link between terminals
  • The connecting bolt is fully insulated but with probe hole on the top to grant electrical measurements
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