Insulated Battery Tool Kits

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Designed to safeguard personnel and equipment that are susceptible to shorting out and creating spiking surges to electrical apparatuses. Due to OSHA 1910.331 standards, insulated tool kits have begun to emerge to satisfy electrical safety-related work practices.

All tools are rated for exposure of up to 1,000VAC and dielectrically tested at 10,000VAC. Each toolkit meets or exceeds ASTM F1505-01 and IEC 900 Standards for Insulated Hand Tools as well as compliance for OSHA 1910.333 (c)(2), and NFPA 70E 2012. Individual tools are made with two-color insulating material that is impact resistant and flame retardant. For ease of inspection and added safety each battery technician tool has a yellow under layer that identifies when the tool should be replaced and removed from service.

    • Operating Environment Rated for exposure 1,000 VAC
    • Safety Features Tested to 10,000 VAC, rated at 1,000 VAC
    • Impact resistant & flame retardant
    • Two-color insulation, orange exterior & yellow under layer
    • Weight Torque Range 30 – 250 inch pounds
    • Safety Standard Meets IEC 900 Standard for Insulated Hand Tools
    • Exceed ASTM 1505-01 Standards for Insulated Hand Tools
    • OSHA Requirements 29 CFR Part 1910.331-335
    • Subpart S; 29 CFR Part 1910.269 Subpart K
    • Meets NFPA 70E Requirements
    • 6 different toolkits to meet a variety of applications
    • Custom toolkits available upon request
    • Made with two-color insulating material – yellow under-layer for ease of inspection
    • Impact resistance and flame retardant insulation
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