Liberty MSE Series Battery

Product Type
Lead Acid Batteries
VRLA (AGM) 2V Cells


The Liberty MSE features the latest battery technology in a space efficient, cost effective package. MSE technology provides for low operating float current and resulting unmatched operational life.

  • 50 AH and 100AH Plates available
  • Proprietary calcium alloys to minimize positive grid corrosion and growth – maximizes battery life
  • Proprietary plate processing for high utilization of active material – results in high energy density and low float current
  • Robust polypropylene container and cover – enhances product quality and improves strength of materials for safe operation
  • Tin-plated copper alloy inserts for reduced maintenance and increased safety
  • Modular design for ease of installation and stacking flexibility
  • Reduced system hardware for rapid installation and reduction in maintenance time
  • Space saving design for the greatest amount of power in a small footprint
  • Advanced formation process results in a narrow float voltage window making on-site float matching unnecessary
  • High-strength, leak-free polymer container allows for non-restricted shipping: Water: non-hazardous per IMDG Amendment 27 Surface: non-hazardous per DOT-CFR title 49, 171-189 Air: IATA/ICAO, provision A67
  • Industry leading warranty
  • Advanced micro-porous Absorbent Glass Mat separators for ultra low float currentreduces grid corrosion for a long, usable service life
  • Flame retardant, UL94V0/28% LOI is optional
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