XT® / XT Plus® / XTH Series

Product Type
Lead Acid Batteries
Lead Calcium Wet Cells


Optimized for high-rate, shorter duration run times the XT and XT Plus Series VLA (Flooded) batteries have been the long life, reliable back up power choices for your critical UPS power needs for over 20 years.

    • Low-maintenance lead calcium alloy extends watering intervals
    • Design is optimized for high-rate, short duration discharges
    • Soft rubber post bushing minimizes stress on post seal, leak-free design using heli-arc process unique to C&D
    • Flame retardant covers standard to enhance battery plant safety
    • Electrical testing to 100% capacity assures performance of every battery
    • Warranty for cycle duty or float service is available
    • Hardened, lead-alloy terminals or copper-inserted posts provide better conductivity and tighter connections requiring less maintenance
    • 20 year life expectancy in float service at 77°F (25°C)
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