DCU Batteries

Product Type
Lead Acid Batteries
VRLA (AGM) 2V Cells


The DCU battery can be used in both Utility and Telecom applications with two and three cell units in most sizes. C&D flooded batteries are designed using proprietary techniques and quality components resulting in superior performance and reliability over the life of the product.

    • Cell Designs reduce footprint and installation time
    • Single Cell design allows 200Ah at a dpeth of only 15″ for limited space and cabinet applications
    • Small cell design allows for rapid system installation with minimal equipment required
    • Class 1E certified for nuclear applications
    • Multi-cell jars use external welds to allow meaurements to be taken on individual cells
      100% of cells are capacity tested in the factory
    • Standard flame retardant PVC cover and low evaporation flame arrestor provide safe operation
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