OPzV-2V Cell

Product Type
Lead Acid Batteries
VRLA (Gel) 2V Cells


BAE OPzV Batteries belong to the best EUROBAT classification for maintenance-free lead-acid batteries: 10+ high integrity. The BAE OPzV Series VRLA tubular plate gel batteries belong to the best EUROBAT classification for maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. These are classified as >12 year, long life, the highest classification according to EUROBAT. They are ideally suited for stand-by operations with high requirement of operational safety. They perfectly meet requirements for bridging times between 1h to more than 10h.

  • Positive electrode: Tubular - plate with a polyester gauntlet and solid grids in a corrosion resistant PbCaSn - alloy
  • Negative electrode: Grid - plate in a PbCaSn alloy with long - life expander material
  • Separation: Microporous separator
  • Electrolyte: Sulphuric acid with a density of 1.24 kg/l, fixed as a GEL by fumed silica
  • Container and lid: High impact SAN (Styrol-Acrylic-Nitrile), grey coloured, UL-94 rating: HB (Alternatively container and lid in ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene), UL-94 rating: V0)
  • Valve: Valve with flame arrestor, opening pressure approx. 120 mbar, closing pressure approx. 50 mbar
  • Pole - bushing: 100% gas and electrolyte tight, sliding, injection moulded “Panzerpol”
  • Kind of pole: M10 brass insertion
  • Intercell connectors: Insulated solid copper connectors with cross-sections of 90, 150 or 300 mm² depending upon application
  • Inter-tier connectors: Flexible insulated copper cables
  • Connector screw: M10 stainless steel with insulated cap
  • Kind of protection: IP 25 regarding DIN 40050, touch protected according VBG 4.
  • Horizontal operation: Please use BAE special type OPzV “horizontal”. The construction and production of this type is adapted to the horizontal operation.
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