OGi-N6 Block

Product Type
Lead Acid Batteries
Lead Selenium Wet Cells


The OGi Series flooded flat-plate 6-12V multi-cell blocks are robust and optimized for high discharge performance and capable of long duration capacity. This battery has an excellent one-minute discharge rate. It also has an IEC 896-2 cycle rating of 1000 to 80% DOD, and is used for backup power in the applications listed below: The new raised-post design permits individual cell and intercell connection resistance testing.

  • Positive electrode: Round-grid flat plate with low antimony alloy, circular bars, high lead weight solid grids in a corrosion-resistant PbSbSnSe - alloy
  • Negative electrode: Round-grid flat plate in low antimony alloy with long-life expander material
  • Separation: Microporous separator
  • Electrolyte: Sulphuric acid with a density of 1.24 kg/l
  • Container: High impact, transparent SAN (Styrol-Acrylic-Nitrile), UL-94 rating: HB
  • Lid: High impact SAN in dark grey color, UL-94 rating: HB
  • Blocks with blind cells 4V, 8V and 10V
  • Flame arrestors: Includes standard ceramic arrestors with optional ceramic flip-top funnel arrestors acc. DIN 40740 available
  • Pole bushing: 100% gas and electrolyte tight, sliding, injection moulded “Panzerpol”
  • Kind of pole: M10 brass insertion
  • Intercell connector: Lead plated solid copper connectors with cross-sections of 90, 150 or 300 mm² depending upon application
  • Inter-tier connectors: Flexible insulated copper cables
  • Connector screw: M10 stainless steel
  • Kind of protection: IP 25 regarding DIN 40050, touch protected according VBG 4 with provided clear covers
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