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A Customer-Centric History...

For over 20 years Concentric has worked to alleviate power problems for customers in a variety of industries. We began implementing energy storage solutions in 2017 for utility customers and remain a trusted partner for utilities today. However, BESS solutions are flexible enough for many industries, and our systems have expanded to industrial and warehouse applications as well.

...Enabling an Energy Resilient Future

We are pioneering energy storage solutions and service that bring resilience, independence, and security necessary for critical infrastructure demands. Concentric provides our customers with best-in-class energy storage solutions, microgrids, and long-term maintenance and services.


What is Energy Storage?

We Help Customers:

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Customers We Serve

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We engineer, install and maintain ESS systems to create the most value possible, typically 1-15MW.

What Solutions Can Concentric Provide? 

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Start by addressing energy security, utility, interconnection upgrades, EV charging installations, and more with BESS solutions.

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Manage your power generation as close to your critical infrastructure as possible, marrying your BESS and renewables so you can run independent of the utility when needed.

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Expand your energy management capabilities to multiple energy resources and/or locations to drive efficiencies and peak power management. 

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Amplify your DERs management by expanding their use and transmission across geography and utility partners.

Why Our Customers Choose Concentric

We are proven
We delivered and service the first ESS to New York utilities in 2018, earning vendor of the year honors

We are experienced
Our Engineered Design team has over 100 years combined experience serving utilities with energy storage and backup battery offerings

We have scale 
We install over 30,000 backup and energy storage batteries annually

We provide boots on the ground
We employee 100+ critical power technicians, engineers, and project management professionals nationally

We are built to last
We have been operating for 25 years and counting


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