Toshiba Single Phase UPS

Product Type
Single Phase UPS


Reliable and efficient, the Toshiba T1000 Series is a single-phase double conversion UPS that is designed for IT and retail installations. Features a 0.9 output power factor and is available in a range of sizes from 1 to 6kVA. As a double-conversion online UPS, supplies uninterrupted, clean single-phase power to critical systems over large input voltage deviations without resorting to battery backup. And when paired with Toshiba’s RemotEye™ 4, you can monitor and manage your UPS remotely with features such as email alerts, history/event logs, and remote client shutdown. The T1000 Single-phase UPS offers reliable and efficient power supply protection and monitoring. IGBT technology allows T1000 UPS systems to maintain a constant DC level without requiring more reactive power. IGBTs actively protect critical equipment by correcting potential power abnormalities such as spikes and brownouts. T1000 Series double conversion uninterruptible power systems supply clean and uninterrupted power to the critical systems powering datacenters, telecommunications, retail, healthcare, broadcasting, and industrial applications. Toshiba uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) feature a specialized suite of single-phase UPS products renowned for reliable and efficient power supply protection and monitoring.

  • True Online Double Conversion
  • Tower or Rackmount Form Factor
  • High 0.9 Output Power Factor
  • Auto-Restart & Cold Start
  • Extended runtime available with optional external battery cabinets
  • Compatible with RemotEye™ 4 for monitoring and security
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