Industrial Switch Mode Battery Chargers

Product Type
Switchmode Chargers


Operating at high frequency, switchmode technology outperforms line frequency chargers in nearly every way – including dynamic response, size, weight, noise, energy efficiency, and standards compliance. Switchmode technology dominates nearly every segment of the economy, including mission-critical military and aerospace applications. Employing design practices borrowed from the aerospace sector, SENS’ switch-mode chargers are specially hardened for use in industrial environments. This enables them to deliver the expected switch-mode technology benefits — small size, light weight, noise-free operation and pure DC output — without sacrificing the durability and toughness that industrial users expect of stationary chargers. SENS designed its MicroGenius family of switch-mode battery chargers to outlast competing switch-mode products, and deliver reliability approaching that of SENS’ industry leading SCR battery chargers.

  • Rugged Design
  • Advanced Battery Charging
  • More Power, Less Space
  • Industry-specific configurations
  • Unmatched agency approvals
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