Grid | Power V L

Product Type
Lead Acid Batteries
Lead Selenium Wet Cells


The HOPPECKE grid | power V L battery is a vented, stationary, lead-acid battery with liquid electrolyte. Its configuration with positive tubular plates and all-round protection of the active mass by woven polyester gauntlets ensures extremely high resilience. The grid | power V L batteries are therefore ideal for use in areas with high charge and discharge loads, such as solar applications, or for long hold times in areas such as telecommunications and security lighting.

  • Very long expected service life - due to optimized low-antimony selenium alloy
  • Excellent cycle stability - due to tube plate design
  • Maximum compatibility - design according to DIN 40736-1
  • Increased short-circuit protection already during installation - through the use of HOPPECKE system connectors
  • Extremely extended water refill intervals up to maintenance-free - optional use of the grid | aquagen recombination system minimizes gas and aerosol leakage (equivalent to sealed lead-acid batteries)
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