Ultron DPM 480V 250-1250kVA

Product Type
Three Phase UPS


Delta is firmly committed to making data centers as green as possible. The Ultron DPM series UPS is the ecological choice with its AC-AC conversion efficiency of up to 96 % in normal operation and 99 % in Robust ECO mode. This high energy efficiency results in considerable energy savings for large data centers. The self-diagnosis of key components providing proactive maintenance and aging detection effectively minimizes downtime risks. The Ultron DPM series UPS is the most suitable power protection for safeguarding the continuity of large data center businesses.

  • AC-AC efficiency up to 96%, efficiency optimization at light loads saves energy costs.Robust ECO mode up to 99% efficiency with higher system reliability.
  • Low harmonic pollution (iTHD< 3%) & high input power factor (> 0.99).
  • Smart modular design with internal redundancy achieves fault isolation for higher reliability.
  • Advanced technologies including waveform capture, IR scanning and battery aging data analysis provide key component predictive maintenance and minimize downtime risk.
  • Key component redundancy allows individual faults for higher UPS availability.
  • Supports both top and bottom cable entry for flexible configurations, and fully front access.
  • Up to four UPS units can be paralleled for redundancy or expansion.
  • Adjustable battery charging voltage adapts to multiple types of batteries.
  • Intuitive HMI touchscreen enables easier UPS information access and operation
  • Built-in USB port is standard for easy access to over 5000 data logs for event diagnosis.
  • SNMP card is equipped as standard for remote monitoring and management.
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