Converged Power System (CPS)

Product Type
Power Systems


The Eltek Converged Power System is built around the Flatpack2 High Efficiency (HE) power converter module which is used in a wide variety of power critical applications, including; Telecoms; Power Generation; Rail; Marine & Offshore; Oil & Gas; and other demanding industries requiring long term, reliable performance. Using novel designs to reduce the overall power infrastructure costs, while securing availability through innovative modular based power solutions, the converged power platform provides maximum flexibility and scalability to enable a ‘build as you grow’ philosophy. The power platform also includes the ability to simply integrate a variety of renewable energy sources to complement traditional utility supplies.

  • World’s highest availability
  • Future proof compact design
  • Modular ‘hot plug-in’ design
  • Maximum 2 minutes MTTR
  • Scalability with ‘build as you grow’
  • Managed flexibility: varying AC and DC loads as required
  • Comprehensive alarm and control facilities
  • Remote control capabilities
  • Option for seamless transfer to generator
  • ATS/Switchgear removed or reduced
  • Industry leading efficiency
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