Flatpack S 2U - Intrepid

Product Type
Modular Rectifiers


The compact size of the system makes it perfect for use in 19 or 23 wide racks and cabinets. And at 2U high, there’s more room for technicians to connect cables and work inside the system. Horizontal cabling reduces vertical space requirements and connections are all front or rear access. Built as a plug-and-play system, the Flatpack S 2U reduces installation time and enables cost-effective deployment. Eltek’s Flatpack S high-efficiency rectifiers power the Flatpack S 2U, and typically achieve efficiency levels above 95 percent at 48Vdc output. When combined with Eltek’s advanced Smartpack S controller, the system provides remote monitoring, maintenance and data collection.

  • Small overall dimensions are ideal for both rack and cabinet applications.
  • The AC connections, DC loads and controller connections (alarms,communication, etc.) are all front or all rear access. Horizontal cabling reduces vertical space requirements.
  • The Smartpack S digital controller system provides comprehensive monitoring and regulation by utilizing a variety of specialized data collection.
  • Flatpack S modules feature front-to-back airflow and chassis-integrated heat-sinks, supplementing highefficiency energy conversion with excellent heat management.
  • A true plug-and-play system, the Flatpack S 2U system reduces both time-to-install and overall costs.
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