Flatpack S 1U - Intrepid

Product Type
Modular Rectifiers


The compact size of the system makes it perfect for use in 19 or 23 wide racks and cabinets. Built as a plug-and-play system, the Flatpack S 1U reduces installation time and enables cost-effective deployment.

  • COMPACT DESIGN: Small overall dimensions are ideal for both rack and cabinet applications.
  • SIDE / REAR ACCESS CONNECTIONS: DC loads and controller connections (alarms, communication, etc.) are front accessible. The AC connections and battery connections are rear.
  • DIGITAL CONTROLLER: The Smartpack S digital controller system provides comprehensive monitoring and regulation by utilizing a variety of specialized data collection.
  • HEAT MANAGEMENT: Flatpack S modules feature front-to-back airflow and chassis-integrated heat-sinks, supplementing high-efficiency energy conversion with excellent heat management.
  • COST-EFFICIENCY: A true plug-and-play system, the Flatpack S 1U system reduces both time to install and overall costs.
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