Power Xpert 9395C UPS

Product Type
Three Phase UPS


The Eaton Power Xpert 9395C UPS is the 1 megawatt addition to the Power Xpert 9395 family of UPSs. This UPS integrates features that increase its value per square foot. The 9395C is compatible with both VRLA batteries and the more compact, most cost-effective lithium-ion UPS batteries. The unit’s optional integration with switchgear simplifies site wiring and reduces installation costs and the potential for wiring errors, all while limiting the space needed. And with Eaton’s Energy Saver System mode activated, the Power Xpert 9395C can reach 99 percent efficiency, making this an ideal choice for large data centers and multi-tenant data centers.

  • 1MW monolithic solution with improved power per square foot
  • Power rating: 1000 kW/1000 kVA, 1000 kW/1100 kVA, 1100 kW/1100 kVA models
  • Voltage: 480V 3W
  • Double conversion efficiency: up to 97%
  • Lithium-ion battery options for longer operation life
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