Product Type
Three Phase UPS


The Eaton 93E UPS is three-phase, double-conversion online UPS that helps you address your biggest data center challenges: operating costs, remote management and unplanned downtime. With internal batteries that provide up to 21 minutes of runtime and a 7 percent higher efficiency rating than competitive units, the 93E UPS maximizes the protection you get for every square foot of floor space and every utility dollar you spend. A detachable maintenance bypass with a mean time to repair of <30 minutes and enhanced management and monitoring capabilities from Eaton’s Intelligence Platform increase the reliability of the system and the amount of control you have without even setting foot in the data center.

  • Delivers up to 98 percent efficiency
  • Up to 7 percent more efficient than competitive units
  • Qualifies for local utility rebates and incentives
  • Maximum runtime through internal batteries
  • Delivers up to 21 minutes of runtime
  • Delivers up to 138 minutes when paired with an Extended Battery Cabinet (EBC)
  • Occupy less floor space with a compact footprint
  • Up to 35 percent smaller than similar competitive solutions
  • Allows dedication of more floor space to revenue-producing equipment
  • Industry-leading runtimes mean fewer accessories
  • Installation and warranty: Reduced installation and wiring costs; One year parts and labor when Eaton startup plan is purchased with unit
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