Black Start Mobile Power Trailer

Black Start Mobile DC
Product Type
Mobile UPS Systems


Many hazards are associated with substation battery maintenance, especially when the DC system cannot be taken out of service without interrupting critical operations. The Black Start Mobile DC Trailer and the BlackStart Power Dock provide a seamless and reliable transfer of substation DC power to those critical DC loads by allowing technicians to safely and confidently make and break parallel between the DC systems by eliminating arcing at point of connection and reducing exposure, keeping technicians away from batteries during the process. The Black Start Battery Rack with built-in spill containment, provides a rugged fail-safe system that withstands road travel, protecting the batteries. H2 sensing and ventilation ensures a safe atmosphere while providing alarming, indication and safety shutdown features. From a safety and reliability standpoint this trailer is an indispensable piece of equipment.

  • 10’ x 8’ Tandem Axle Trailer
  • Multiple Trailer Sizes Available
  • Steel Frame Construction
  • Smooth or Screwed Exterior
  • ¾” Plywood Walls (with White Vinyl Interior)
  • Interior and Exterior LED Lighting
  • Black Euro-disc Flooring
  • Adjustable Pintle Hitch or 2 5/16” Ball Hitch
  • Electric Breakaway Brakes with Solar Battery Charger
  • Wheel Chocks
  • Deluxe Rear Scissor-Jacks
  • AC & DC Lighting and Control Available
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