ENERTRONIC I: UPS System for Industrial Applications

Product Type
Three Phase UPS


The requirement for power supply reliability is growing, due to the increasing application of information and data carrier systems, text processing, automated production processes, and complex data networks. Irregularities due to loading of the public power supply by major users, peak-time use, or by lightning strikes cannot be avoided.

  • IGBT UPS technology 
(rectifiers / inverters)
  • Particularly suitable for 
non-linear loads
  • Single and three phase output
  • Power range: 10 to 240 kVA
  • Input voltage: 400 V ± 15 %, +N
  • Additional voltages on request
  • Output voltages: 230 V (adjustable ± 5%); 400 V (adjustable ± 5%)
  • Additional voltages on request
  • Fail-safe
  • Circuit design
  • Digital controller
  • Parallel switching capability (redundancy)
  • Extensive signaling 
and monitoring functions
  • Static bypass switch
  • Service bypass
  • Galvanically isolated
  • Temperature-controlled 
  • Battery circuit test
  • Battery capacity test
 by means of energy recover
  • High quality of output power 
  • Excellent immunity to 
interference / 
electromagnetic interference
  • Low THD 
(total harmonic distortion)
  • Low residual ripple at 
rectifier output
  • Scalable
  • Power factor of approximately 0.99
  • Energy-efficient
  • Suitable for lead and 
NiCd batteries
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