Solve The Forklift Power Problem with PowerHIVE™.

PowerHIVE™ automates the management of forklift power, changing batteries in under 2 minutes, while liberating your employees from charging duties.  Optimizing operations and productivity like never before. 

Introducing PowerHive™ 



30,000 plus battery reloads and counting...

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Eliminating the forklift power problem for facilities nationwide.

PowerHive™ addresses key facility challenges:

Labor Shortages, Retention & Job Satisfaction

  • Forklift battery maintenance is hard, and can require extra labor.  It places stress on forklift drivers, maintenance and distribution center leaders alike. 

Facility Production & Controlling Costs

  • Facility leadership's main job is to make and move product with finite resources.  Downtime slows operations and leads to more unplanned maintenance costs. 

Safety & Sustainability 

  • Managing forklifts and forklift batteries is dangerous.  They're also a top facility spend next to rent and labor with significant sustainability impacts. 

What is PowerHive™?

PowerHive™ is an automated forklift battery management system that reloads forklift batteries in under 2 minutes.  Improving operator and facility productivity, while simultaneously lowering costs and driving sustainability. 

Who is PowerHive™ meant for?

PowerHive™ is intended for high velocity manufacturers and distributors that run hard and have a lot of equipment. Mult-shift environments with 15 plus lift trucks. 

How do I get started with PowerHive™?

Please fill out the below form, and someone from our engineering team will reach out to you shortly. 

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