Mission Critical Power Systems engineered, installed and maintained so you can focus on running your business.

When an outage strikes, your equipment is only as good as the backup plan in place to keep it running. Your most mission-critical equipment needs to stay online to prevent the disruption, expense and additional threats that come with an outage.

How can you ensure this level of uptime, while still focusing on running your business?

Many facilities make common mistakes with their power system backup strategies:

  • Building unnecessary redundancy into the system, causing friction and high costs

  • Oversimplifying the system, leaving the company open to advanced risks

When you work with Concentric, you can avoid these pitfalls and keep your mission-critical equipment running effectively and affordably.

Remember to plan ahead now, because no one thinks they're going to lose power... until they do.

Critical power solutions for your industry

In certain industries, critical power solutions are absolutely essential. You likely fall into this category if your facility is a:

  • Data center

  • Hospital or other medical center

  • Regional utility

  • Financial institution

  • Property management office

In more general terms, critical power solutions are important for:

  • Any company with mission-critical digital systems

  • Any organization using switchgear

The problems Concentric solves for these businesses include the following:

  • Lack of ownership clarity and accountability around backup power

  • Poorly documented critical power system designs

  • Lack of data transparency and clarity on system performance

  • Insufficient ongoing maintenance and upkeep

  • Expensive equipment replacement requirements

  • Haphazard installation of assets

  • Insufficient design skill to implement new switchgear

  • Inability to calculate total cost of ownership for critical power systems

  • Desire to unite all critical power needs under one provider, nationally

With a team of industry experts dedicated to creating and maintaining critical power solutions, Concentric can resolve these issues and more for your business.

Critical Power Solutions

The Concentric approach to critical power uses the best equipment but acknowledges that hardware alone is not sufficient for optimal, right-sized performance.

True critical power success involves five elements:

  • Operations

  • System engineering

  • Resource allocation

  • Resiliency and reliability

  • Scalability

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Our Solutions

What types of services are available from Concentric? We cover the entire power spectrum with the following offerings:

  • Site assessments

  • Engineered DC power solutions

  • Installation services

  • Equipment repairs and maintenance

  • Turnkey power system management

  • Batteries for uninterruptible power supply (UPS), telecom or switchgear

  • Battery chargers

  • Managed battery replacement and recycling

  • UPS installation and maintenance

  • Switchgear control power

  • DC power plant design and installation

  • Battery installation and removal

  • Cable rack installation

  • Cable management

  • IEEE load testing

  • Preventive maintenance and resistance testing

  • Inverter and distribution bay services

  • Grounding upgrades

  • National service support

Our Process

Concentric builds a managed power system in a systematic way to ensure no detail is missed or underemphasized. The five privacy steps are:


Equipment & Tools

While equipment isn't everything in critical power systems, you can't afford the risk of unoptimized or unreliable hardware. Concentric offers two main types of assets:

Power equipment for reliable service that suits your use case

Every organization needs a specific type and amount of backup power capability. Systems customized to meet your power generation needs can include:

  • Generators

  • UPS

  • Telecom DC power

  • Automatic transfer switches (ATS) and switchgear

  • Standard or customized DC power cabinets

Battery technologies

Battery power means more than one thing. Your mission-critical systems may be backed up with technologies encompassing:

  • Flooded lead acid

  • Valve regulated lead acid (VLRA)

  • Thin plate pure lead (TPPL)

  • Nickel-cadmium (NiCad)

  • Nickel zinc (NiZn)

  • Lithium

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Battery room equipment for safety in battery handling

In addition to maintaining the correct temperature through effective HVAC systems, building a safe battery room may require the following:

  • Location-specific battery storage racks

  • Spill containment systems

  • Battery lift equipment for VRLA or flooded lead-acid batteries

  • Acid-resistant floor epoxy

  • Hydrogen detection devices

  • Safety signage and eyewash stations

  • Emergency spill kits

Procurement and decommissioning

Acquiring new critical power equipment and recycling old assets safely are both essential processes to master. Concentric's services in these areas include:

  • New equipment facilitation from dozens of manufacturers, guided by our industry experts

  • Turn-key removal of decommissioned or obsolete equipment

  • Complete management of your critical power equipment plan from initial scope to completion


Power as a service: What are your options?

If you've decided that what your company truly needs is a consistent, national solution for all its critical power needs — everything assessed, designed, installed and maintained for a fixed monthly fee — you need Perpetual Power.

This solution combines all Concentric's critical power offerings into one service, giving you peace of mind and letting you get back to business — your business.




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