Forklift batteries are the power train that drives your operation.  Now there is a prescriptive, data-driven maintenance system up to the challenge for high volume manufacturers and distributors.

Leave downtime in the dust.

ConcentricCARE is a digitized process that ID’s and scores every battery and charger asset in your fleet, providing data-driven actions focused on improving operational uptime. With ConcentricCARE, you'll be taking the first step in moving your forklift fleet from a reactive to a proactive power systems’ approach.

ConcentricCARE's prescriptive, data-driven maintenance enables manufacturers and distributors to proactively identify:

  1. Safety repairs
  2. Improper charging methods
  3. Cleanliness issues
  4. Low capacity batteries, among other poor maintenance practices. 

With ConcentricCARE you will gain operational clarity, receive recommended actions for improvement, and charge profile changes as your batteries age.

What do I get?

  • Service that drives you to OSHA and EPA compliance
  • A near term roadmap to eliminate downtime
  • Reduced maintenance expenses by up to 50%
  • Battery and charger life extension

What does ConcentricCARE Cover?


Planned Maintenance

  • Inspection of battery, charger cables, and connectors.
  • Charger testing for safety and accuracy.
  • Digitized recommendations at the asset level for further repairs and maintenance 


Battery Watering

  • Water battery with watering cart system to ensure optimal watering pressure and volume.
  • Visually inspect battery for needed repairs.


Battery Washing

  • Use of neutralizing agent to remove corrosion and/or escaped acid electrolyte.

  • Clean exterior of battery inside a recirculating neutralization system. 

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