AC-UPS and DC-UPS Power

Product Type
Power System


SolarCraft backup power systems provide continuous reliable battery power for critical field electronics. When utility power is interrupted, spikes, or fails, your equipment is protected from shutting down or sustaining damage, and will continue to operate according to a predetermined protocol. We design power solutions for both AC and DC backup power, avoiding costly losses that result from power interruptions.

  • Uninterruptible Power Systems, (UPS power) ensure continuous operation of key field functions
  • Power for critical valve and safety operations such as: RTU’s, PLC’s, communications, power components, flow computers, measurement devices, valves, and actuators
  • Components are powered by the battery bank for clean glitch free power for AC and DC loads
  • Dedicated power for the load from the energy stored in the batteries
  • Rugged enclosures and shelters designed for long life in the field
  • For DC loads, the SolarCraft DC-UPS power supply offers low voltage disconnect, temperature compensation, and efficient battery charging
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