PowerSafe RE Batteries

Product Type
Lead Acid Batteries


Designed specifically for use in renewable applications, PowerSafe RE batteries feature square tubular plates. These square plates provide more surface area on the positive plate exposing more active material to the electrolyte. This combination allows for greater cycling capacity. Easy use is a key feature in the design of PowerSafe RE batteries. They feature plastic trays with carrying handles, flag terminals and easy-to-read float level electrolyte indicators. Float level indicators mean no more measuring or guessing to determine if watering is needed. In addition, ample watering space reduces maintenance time. PowerSafe RE batteries can be purchased as single cells with plastic carrying trays or six (6) cell units in steel trays.

  • Capacity from 207 to 2208 Ah
  • Square tubular positive plates
  • Float level electrolyte indicator
  • Ample watering space to reduce maintenance time
  • Flag terminals
  • Single cell units come in plastic trays with lifting handles
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