PowerSafe OPzV Batteries

Product Type
Lead Acid Batteries
VRLA (Gel) 2V Cells


Engineered with an optimized plate design, PowerSafe OPzV valve regulated lead acid batteries have an increased capacity that exceeds the DIN standard. Additionally, the die cast tubular plate design offers excellent cycling with a proven long life under float conditions. The pasted negative flat plate design provides the perfect balance for maximum performance. The robust design and use of a gel suspended electrolyte makes them virtually maintenance free. They have a wide range of capacity; feature die cast tubular positive plates, special micro porous separator materials, a pressure relief valve and color coded terminals.

  • Capacity from 215 to 3170 Ah
  • 20 year service life at 20 degrees C
  • Very low maintenance, no water addition
  • Easy installation in vertical or horizontal position
  • Terminals – lead alloy leak-proof pole with brass insert designed to give minimum resistance and maximum current flow
  • Fully insulated, solid copper inter-cell connectors allow for voltage measurements
  • Compliant with both IEC 60896-11 and DIN 40736-1
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