PowerSafe NiCd Batteries (RL, RM, RH, VGL, and VGM)

Product Type
NiCad Batteries
NiCad Sealed Cells


The PowerSafe series of nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries are specifically designed to provide exceptionally long life at extreme temperatures. This coupled with the inherent low maintenance requirements make the PowerSafe Ni-Cd battery series an ideal choice for railroad, renewables, off-grid, telecommunications and complex duty cycle applications. The robust design means an excellent resistance against electrical and mechanical stress, low risk of terminal degradation and a proven 20 year plus service life. This combination and extensive use in service make the PowerSafe Ni-Cd battery series the right choice for industrial applications requiring superior reliability and the highest safety integrity. The PowerSafe NiCd battery range includes the following models: RL, RM, RH, VGL, and VGM.

  • Capacity from 11 to 1700 Ah
  • Excellent resistance against electrical and mechanical stress
  • Plate construction yields no risk of terminal decomposition
  • Wide operating temperature of –40ºF to 122ºF
  • Proven life of 20 years
  • Long storage life
  • Sufficient electrolyte reserve means long maintenance intervals
  • Translucent plastic case for visible electrolyte level
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