PowerSafe E Batteries

Product Type
Lead Acid Batteries
Lead Calcium Wet Cells


Engineered to meet the requirements of the power industry, the industry leading features inherent to the PowerSafe E batteries make them one of the best in the market. PowerSafe EA-M batteries feature antimony alloy plates which demonstrate maximized performance in cycling applications, allow the battery to tolerate high temperatures and along with extra thick positive grids make the EA-M series of batteries one of the most rugged in the market. PowerSafe EC-M batteries feature calcium alloy plates which demonstrate maximized performance in long discharge applications and reduce watering requirements. The EC-M batteries are offered with 100% initial capacity. Standard features like thick positive plates ensure excellent long discharges while the large double hole post provides a stronger intercell connection, assuring maximum electrical integrity. In addition, PoweSafe E batteries include a Slide-Lock post seal which allows for natural plate growth over the life of the battery without compromising the seal between the post and the cover. The innovative tongue-and-groove jar-to-cover seal provides reliability with a robust airtight seal. Completing the design are copper post inserts which enhance high rate performance making the PowerSafe E batteries a leader in the industry.

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