GuaranteedPower Solutions

GuaranteedPOWER® covers every aspect of your motive power needs. Once enrolled, the managing of battery power for your entire forklift fleet falls completely on our shoulders. One fixed monthly fee covers battery and charger equipment, battery watering, battery washing, and equipment repairs.

It doesn’t get much easier than letting us cover every aspect of battery power for your entire forklift fleet through our Engineered Power Systems and managed power program. We optimize the number of assets (and consider alternative tech like lithium or hydrogen) that your equipment requires for constant uptime, without missing a beat.

One fixed monthly fee covers it all. No surprises to your monthly bill or to your operation—guaranteed.

  • Battery and charger equipment
  • Battery watering
  • Battery washing
  • Equipment repairs
  • Proactive technical support
  • RAAMS® power optimization system
  • Hybrid power options
  • On-site technicians
  • Application engineering support

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