We Partner with Premium Lift Truck Dealers Nationwide

Partnerships to Engineer Uptime

The best forklift dealers in the industry provide their customers with premier equipment and maintenance solutions. They are highly responsive and focused on uptime. Concentric partners with these dealers to help make their customers' equipment experience that much better with engineered solutions. 

Ways We Partner:

First Time Fix - Dispatch Power Services

We provide one point of contact by market and/or forklift dealer.  With a team of technicians that is expanding nationwide, we are helping forklift dealers develop a consistent set of power services across their branches.  Our services include PMs, responsive dispatch repair, tier 2 & 3 charger troubleshooting, as well as timely shop repairs and used/rental equipment.  Our most successful partners bundle our PMs directly into their equipment sales, as well as battery washing and watering services.  We also offer our industry-first RAAMS® battery management system as well as Facetime-based engineering support for tier 2 & 3 issues to our dispatch technicians.  Our objective—ensure the best forklift dealers in the industry are backed by the best power service team in the industry.

Engineered Power Systems and GuaranteedPOWER®
Our most successful partnerships involve the dealer taking GuaranteedPOWER® to their customers as part of their overall equipment solution.  These relationships are built on mutual trust and focus on delivering something truly unique to high velocity manufacturers and distributors.  In addition, our application engineering team helps forklift dealers ensure they are putting in the right power technology and systems every time.  We help them take the risk out of newer technology like fast charging, lithium, TPPL, air mixing and hydrogen fuel cells.  Our sales engineers take the lead initially with our Power and Operational assessment.  From there we design a power system jointly to meet the customers’ needs.  We provide full system installation and integration as well as ongoing power system management including PMs, repairs, watering, operator behavior reporting/change, etc.  Learn more about Engineered Power Systems.

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