Forklift power, critical power, and on-site maintenance that meet peak season demand.

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Our Solutions


Forklift Power 

Progressive power, battery, and charger maintenance programs that make serve the volume needs of today’s warehouse. 


Critical Power

Next-generation critical infrastructure and energy storage that move us toward
resiliency and a clean economy.


Dedicated On-Site Maintenance 

Material handling and automation maintenance performed by on-site technicians who ensure safety, compliance and real-time data drive the right decisions.

The innovators in Forklift and Critical Facility Power introduce PowerHive


For the last 20 years, we've been on a mission to deliver uninterrupted forklift power to multi-shift, high velocity facilities.  On March 14th, that mission took a quantum leap with the launch of PowerHive™.

With PowerHive, Concentric has married automation and forklift power.  Learn more here.

Who is Concentric?

We are Engineering Uptime with GUARANTEEDPower®

Years ago a group of power entrepreneurs started reimagining how forklift and critical power are bought and utilized by customers. That vision began with GuaranteedPOWER® in 2002. In 2018, several of these teams joined together to form Concentric. Our mission is simple - to deliver superior, engineered systems so you can get out of the power business and focus on your core. Today, Concentric is made up of companies from across the nation that share our mission for Customer-Centric power systems:

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