PowerHive™ is an automated forklift battery management system that reloads forklift batteries in under 3 minutes.  Improving forklift operator and facility productivity, while simultaneously lowering costs and driving sustainability.

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The innovators in Forklift and Critical Facility Power introduce PowerHive


For the last 20 years, we've been on a mission to deliver uninterrupted forklift power to multi-shift, high velocity facilities.  On March 14th, that mission took a quantum leap with the launch of PowerHive™.

With PowerHive, Concentric has married automation and forklift power.  Learn more here.

Our Solutions


Forklift Power

Every day that you aren't proactively managing your forklift power is a day you fall further behind. Implementing a proven asset optimization strategy is crucial to compete and win.


Critical Power

Your power and equipment are only as good as your backup plan. For many industries, power isn’t something they just rely on; it’s absolutely, positively, mission-critical to your business.


Maintenance Solutions

 You're always looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing performance. Material handling maintenance is a top expense at your facility and it is ripe with potential savings.

Who is Concentric?

We are Engineering Uptime with GUARANTEEDPower®

Years ago a group of power entrepreneurs started reimagining how forklift and critical power are bought and utilized by customers. That vision began with GuaranteedPOWER® in 2002. In 2018, several of these teams joined together to form Concentric. Our mission is simple - to deliver superior, engineered systems so you can get out of the power business and focus on your core. Today, Concentric is made up of companies from across the nation that share our mission for Customer-Centric power systems:

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