If you’re responsible for your company’s supply chain, you know the rules of the game keep changing, especially when you’re up against companies like Amazon. How can you ensure that you keep your competitive advantage, so you win in the last mile? 

There are opportunities, in large part because material handling is a top 3 to 5 expense for most facilities. Forklifts are the most unmanageable asset—or as we like to say, the “cost-sucking leech of your supply chain.” 

Here are the three ways successful customers are reaching their supply chain goals:  

  • Growing production and capacity 
  • Increasing velocity 
  • Lowering operating costs 

In this webinar, Ryan Lynch, Concentric’s VP of marketing will teach you:

  • How to transform a power system from static to dynamic 
  • The critical success factors of power management  
  • Ways to overcome the common pitfalls of transforming your power system