How to Design a Power System that Saves you $4K Per Forklift

Concentric_How_to_save_4k_Power_System_Design-1-1If you want to increase your facility’s uptime while decreasing costs, you need to concentrate on two things while designing a forklift power system:  

1. Collecting the appropriate data 
2. Extracting the right insights from the data to engineer the right power system 

After all, the difference between operational forklift power and optimized forklift power is dependent upon gathering and then understanding how to use the right data. 

The answers to a few crucial questions can help you develop a comprehensive forklift power strategy:  

1. What is a power management system? 
2. Why does a company’s approach to power management matter
3. What are the key considerations for power management? 
4. What are the components of the Concentric power management process? 
5. What measurements/metrics does Concentric use? 

Once you understand how all the pieces fit together, you’ll be able to optimize your forklift power for the best results.   

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