The Material Handling Maintenance Scorecard

Forklift_Power_Maintenance_Scorecard-1When it comes to your forklift maintenance and management, what if you could reduce your total cost of ownership by an average of 18 percent while also increasing your fleet uptime? 

You may think you’ve already cut costs as much as you can, there’s one area—forklift maintenance--that’s often misunderstood. 

Our unique fleet maintenance approach can: 

  • Increase production and/or distribution uptime 
  • Improve processes 
  • Highlight applications/areas of improvement 
  • Boost safety and reduce liability 
  • Reduce total cost of ownership 

Curious if this applies to you? 

The Material Handling Maintenance Scorecard is a simple diagnostic tool we’ve created so you can see how well you’re doing in less than 5 minutes. 

Download and complete this scorecard to find out if you’re optimizing your forklift management and maintenance processes. 

Get Your Score Now! 

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