Request an Operational and Power Assessment

Do you want your forklift power to operate like a light switch?

Power has been an afterthought for years.  Only recently have customers realized how critical their forklift power train is to drive out cost and increase productivity.

The problem?  Picking a new battery technology view is a myopic way to make a forklift power decision. You want your power to operate like a utility, not a liability, so starting with the technology end in mind is the wrong approach.

We are the only service provider with an in-house application engineering team that has been designing and managing forklift power systems for twenty years--most other groups started in 2019...

Let us run an Operational and Power Assessment for you and help you determine:

  • The tradeoffs of using lead acid vs. lithium, etc

  • How a hybrid power system could work in your applications

  • Understand your costs and get to a fixed cost, no surprise scenario

  • Eliminate your power headaches for 5 years or more

A solutions engineer will be in touch to talk through your assessment. 


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